Forgotten Fur Babies Formerly Forgotten Ferals

P O Box 875

Palmer, TX 75152

(214) 662-1441

We changed our name to Forgotten Fur Babies in March 2020.

EIN# 82-3529765

We currently need at least two new board members. If anyone is interested and lives in the Palmer, TX area, please call or email me.

We desperately need foster families, donations, volunteers, cat food, crates, traps, etc. Any assistance is greatly appreciated by us and these poor forgotten animals we work with! We can't help them without your help! THANK YOU!!!

We are in even greater need of donations and volunteers as Waxahachie has changed their ordinances on any cats picked up by the local animal shelter. Any cats who are picked up and not spayed/neutered and registered as a cat belonging to a registered feral colony, they will be euthanized. Please, please, we need the help!

Please use the email address when donating through PayPal.

Feral Cat Image 1:

Every one of these cats have a sad story.

Most of these cats used to belong to someone. They were either lost or no longer wanted and left to fend for themselves.

Cat Facts: It takes as little as a few days for a tame cat to become feral. Cats are three times more likely to be euthanized than dogs. Cats are very beneficial, they kill rats, snakes even deadly snakes which cuts down on human's being infected or harmed by disease carrying rats as well as snake bites.

We are doing everything we can to save these cats however it is a daily struggle.

The cat in the left picture is Coal, a male. Right Picture: Grey Tabby w/white paws is Angel a female w/kittens and the smokey Grey and white cat is her brother, Brody.

Update: Unfortunately, the two cats on the right has passed away. Brody was hit by a car. The female on the left, just quit coming to the feeding site so we persume she has passed away. Sad, however the life expectancy of a feral cat is short at best. The grey and white male on the right is now one of my cats.

Feral cats are everywhere & we cannot help them without volunteers so please consider becoming a volunteer not only in our area but in your community. Foster families are needed as well.

Any animals that are tame enough, are rescued and we find good loving homes for them. We rescue any animal however it's mostly feral cats that we find. If they are not tame enough to get good homes, we trap Spay/Neuter, get all their vaccinations, and release them where they were trapped. We also have them micro chipped and then we establish feeding stations where we are allowed to as well as provide shelters. Any cats who are injured or sick, we keep to make sure they are taken care of. We currently rely on Fosters since we cannot yet afford a facility to house them. Please have a heart and if you find any animals in need of food or assistance, help them. There are many programs that will also assist with food, etc.

Left top picture: Beautiful long haired male calico named Jefferson. Top right picture: Precious, a female. Bottom left picture: Grey tabby male named Newman and black & white cat named Tux but not sure if a male or female. They are street smart and difficult to trap. Bottom right picture: Lovey a female.