Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

To reduce the amount of feral and unwanted animals by trapping, spaying or neutering and vaccinating.

To locate, trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, micro chip and release feral cats in the area where they were trapped, to reduce the amount of unwanted animals. And, to also establish feeding stations, provide shelter and rescue any animals who are sick or injured, treat them, tame them and find good homes for them. Any homeless dogs are trapped, spayed/neutered and adopted out to good homes.

These poor animals didn't ask to be discarded and ultimately euthanized because their owners were irresponsible.

Please, be responsible and keep your pets safely indoors and spay/neuter and vaccinate them. And, please realize if a cat was not taught by it's mother how to hunt and survive, it cannot survive without those skills. so, please do not dump these beautiful babies in the country thinking they will survive. If they last the night with all the coyotes, bobcats & loose dogs running around, they will likely starve to death if someone does not save them. We are stewards of our earth and it's our responsibility to take care of God's creatures.

We currently do not have a facility to house animals so we cannot accept any animals at this time however we will help trap, spay/neuter and release any animals in the same area they were trapped in. If there is a stray dog in your area, we will reach out to other rescues to try and find them a good, loving home. Unfortunately, most people do not want cats so it's very difficult to find fosters or homes for cats. It's really sad because cats are wonderful amazing creatures. So, please have a heart and let them live! That's all they want.

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